My artistic practice focuses on the observation of nature and the relationship that we, as human beings, establish with it. I take disruptive and exogenous elements that alter the natural order of the landscape in order to reflect on the conflictive link that we have established with our environment.

For this reason, in some of my works there is a focus on the environment, which emphasizes the repercussions of progress in the communities surrounding the industrial sites, realizing the paradoxical correspondence that occurs between progress and nature. 


In the works there is an interest in memory, establishing a link between communities that emerge from a collective memory or a common event. People who do not have a link between them other than an episode that brings them together to evoke something that is no longer there.

Thus, from these perspectives, I have been able to develop a series of works ranging from painting to land art, in which I highlight these relationships while reflecting on the affiliation we have with the landscape and our infinite capacity to modify it without glimpsing the unsuspected repercussions of our disposition towards it.