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Chilean-Italian artist Marco Bizzarri, currently living in England, deals with memory, commemoration and archive through painting, installation and video. In his work, research processes and materiality are subordinated to context. On the one hand, linked to the experiential encounter, and on the other, to the geographical positioning (hybrid-industrial territories), so that fieldwork, involvement with the landscape and human testimony are fundamental. 

His paintings respond to the exercise of collecting and translating images by delving into the material possibilities of pictorial language. The result combines abstraction and figuration: the images show the multiple resources with which they have been constructed. By rescuing objects, events, people or places - which run the risk of being forgotten - the artist composes situations that link different spaces, times and actors in a single image. An exercise that responds to the need to give visibility to those fleeting things that shows events of the artist's daily life. His painting reveals as much as it conceals. The gesture of covering the form through dripping is articulated as a way of silencing his images and at the same time charging them with a singular graphic and chromatic expression, where light and darkness coexist on the same plane.

In his installations, the artist explores historical and social issues through the encounter, collection and intervention of found objects or materials. The physical residues that individuals or communities abandoned in some significant place are transformed by the artist into cooperative structures, this is, structures that support each other.



1988 - Santiago, Chile.

Chilean - Italian





2021 - 2022

Turps Banana Art School Studio Painting Programme , (London, UK)   


2010 - 2014    

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago, Chile)

Fine Arts​

2007 - 2009

Universidad del Desarrollo (Santiago, Chile)




"Unearthed", Unit 1 Gallery ( London, UK)


"Incuria", Galería Animal (Santiago Chile)


"Silente" CV Galería (Santiago Chile)


“Anótese cuidadosamente su procedencia"  Espacio Vilches, Universidad Católica (Chile)

“Plan de cierre”, Centro ARC. (Atacama, Chile)



“Efecto de pares”, Galería Madhaus. (Santiago, Chile)



"Imágen Auxiliar", Collectio Galería ( Santiago, Chile)

"Recursion", The Split Gallery (London , UK)

"Fauna Presents Auction", Arundel Castle ( Arundel, UK)


Turps Gallery On-site final show, (London, UK)

Mood times ten, Fitzrovia Gallery (London, UK)

Gilbert Bayes Award Exhibition , Royal Society of Sculptors, Cromwell Place, (London, UK) 

Friends with benefits, Safe House two Copeland (London UK)

RSS GBA Exhibition,  CASC Gallery, University of Chester (Chester, UK)


Art Nova 100 Annual exhibition, Guardian Art Center (Beijing, China)

Arte Laguna Prize, Venice Arsenale (Venice, Italy)

The Bomb Factory Artist's Film Festival (London, UK)

Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries (London, UK)


"The Invitational I"Unit 1 Gallery (London, UK)

"XIII Edición Premio de Video arte Ayuntamiento de Astillero", Sala Bretón (Astillero, Spain).

"XIV Premio MAVI arte joven", MAVI Museum (Santiago, Chile)

"Cómo delimitar un cuerpo" Espacio Alonso, (Santiago, Chile)


"Habitantes" , Centro Cultural Matta, (Buenos Aires. Argentina)



"Cohabitar", Cede Galería, (Lima, Perú́)



"Outsider", Gare Strasbourg. (Strasbourg, France)
"Umbrales" Centro de Extensión UC. (Santiago, Chile)
"Spring Collection Collective" LÍNEA Gallery (Florence, Italy)


"The Young Collectors Exhibition", Leila Heller Gallery. (New York, U.S.A)



The de Laszlo Foundation Award 2021 (London, UK)

Gilbert Bayes Award 2021, Royal Society of Sculptors (London, UK)

Finalist of the Firs Plinth Public Art Award, Royal Society of Sculptors (London, UK)


100 Young Leaders 2020, El Sábado Magazine of El Mercurio and Adolfo Ibáñez University (Chile)

Solo Residency Unit 1 Gallery Workshop (London, UK)

First prize Ayuntamiento de Astillero XIII Videoart Award, (Spain).


2021 High House Residency, (Norfolk, UK)

2020 Unit 1 Gallery , Solo residency (London, UK)

2017 Centro ARC, (Atacama, Chile)


2021 The Bomb Factory Artist's Film Festival (London, UK)



2021 Member of The Royal Society of Sculptors (London, UK)


2020 Government of Cantabria Art Collection, (Cantabria, Spain).

2020 Ayuntamiento de Astillero Video Art Collection, (Astillero, Spain).

2019 Maya Castro de Wescott Collection, (Santiago, Chile).

2014 Ricardo Roa Collection, (Santiago, Chile).


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