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Silente I

Acrylic on canvas 190x240 cm



Silente II

Acrylic on canvas 190x240 cm




CV Gallery, Chile.

12 Dicember 2018 

Silente responds to the pictorial challenge of large-scale realistic portraiture. The artist produced 8 paintings measuring 190 x 240 cm in which the images are constructed by interweaving agile brushstrokes and the technique of dripping. 

The large format, ungraspable for the spectator's eye, demands a considerable distance to complete the image. This play of distances proposes a dispute of protagonism. The image wins over the technique and the technique wins over the image. From close up, the artist's pictorial work is appreciated and the identity of the woman portrayed ceases to be important. From afar, the face is positioned and the image demands.

Silente won The De Laszlo Foundation Award at Mall Galleries on March of 2021


Text by Art Historian José Tomás Fontecilla

Marco Bizzarri's paintings tends to hide the image, that fixed image, photographic, transparent and immovable image of the frame, one that shows everything without saying anything, the stereotyped image through which the different genres of both painting and photography pass: portrait, landscape, genre, etc. Nevertheless, in Bizzarri's painting there is something disturbing, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes melancholic; something to be discovered.  Thus, between stains and a very gestural painting, certain elements suddenly appear recognisable, the remnant of that which we recognise but is not literal, the obverse of the anaemic transit of images to which we are accustomed.    

The characters, scenes or faces that make up his body of work are born of an exploration of the territory, in the chance encounter with unknown people who suddenly awaken a particular interest, whether it be because of their relationship with the landscape, an unforeseen emotional link or a particular strangeness, many of these characters form a universe of peculiar singularities. In this way, in each new context new elements appear, disruptive or exogenous, which he takes because in some way they alter the usual order of the landscape.

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